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We believe style is an expression of your character and spirit. Style is the ability to make something your own by giving it your own unique twist. There is a world of possibility in how we present ourselves to the world in what we choose to wear. And what we choose to wear depends on what aspect of our personality we want to amplify that day.

We believe in empowering our customers through the cultivation of their unique style.

We believe in empowering craftsmen and artisans.

We believe that commerce is a tool to drive sustainable growth and development in local communities and world economies.

We believe in the power of stories to connect our customer to the craftsmen and artisans we have grown to love.

Welcome to Rancho Relaxo.



Stella grew up in Ohio and studied Economics and Japanese at Princeton University. Stella made a career change at 30 from investment banking to fashion. She moved from San Francisco to New York where she worked her way up at iconic American brands Liz Claiborne, Limited Brands, Henri Bendel and Ralph Lauren.

Stella always fantasized about moving to California. She vividly remembers the debut of Beverly Hills 90210 and wanting to have a life of pool parties. After 7 years in both San Francisco and New York, she felt she won the career lottery by getting a job as the Director of Retail at a private equity company that invests in the leisure space in the Palm Springs area. Stella spent 8 years as the Director of Retail at KSL Resorts, buying for 5 Star, 5 Diamond and resorts on the National Historical registry including The Hotel Del, La Quinta Resort, Arizona Biltmore, The Homestead, Grand Wailea, Miraval, The Grove Park Inn, La Costa, and Monarch Beach Resort.

Catering to a guest on vacation is a passion for Stella. Her mission is to give that guest a physical manifestation of their time of leisure so they can keep that memory alive.

Life presented a cross roads to Stella when her company relocated to Irvine. Stella had found her home in Rancho Mirage and needed to create her own way. This is when Rancho Relaxo was born.