Stephanie Barbie

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Stéphanie Barbie is a metal artist based in Spain. 

My creations are made from a specific material that is the result of the transformation of old papers into a new solid, resistant and therefore recycled material.
We could even say that the paper is « upcycled », because reused as it is, in order to create a new material where the original component is still very present and recognizable, but which can then be worked like wood, a wood paper sort of.

Jeweler but lover of interior decoration, I wanted to combine these two passions by creating jewelry that would go beyond the limits of the body and decorate your walls or hang from your ceilings. Nomad in the soul, movement has always been a very important component of my work and led me very soon to create mobile sculptures.

From the alliance of « paper wood » and metals, timeless geometric objects, with minimalist inspiration are born, which I am sure, will accompany you in your daily life :-)