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SOL ANGELES is designed for those with a low maintenance approach to refined living. Appropriately coined “weekend wear,” Sol Angeles presents a collection of clothing that can brave any casual atmosphere.

Sol Angeles embraces an optimistic and inclusive spirit, which we channel into each garment we design. Our full collection is cut & sewn with care in Downtown Los Angeles.

Each individual wave of our emblem represents one of the key principles upon which the brand was founded.

Discover. Create. Appreciate.

For us, Discovery is about the willingness & curiosity to experience the Unknown. Being inclined to go new places, try new things, and then share them with others, is our passion. Life is a journey. And having the drive to go out and live it to the max, is what discovery is all about. Let’s Go.

Creation is about bringing something new and needed to the community around you. It’s about making a positive contribution to society, and finding a way to do your part. We love designing for the world of contemporary California, and the challenge that comes with it. As part of a symbiotic world, Creating is our first step towards harmony.

This one, is truly all about Love. Whether you share it through a small gesture like holding a door, a warm smile to a stranger, or an unseen act of kindness, always make the effort. Love, Respect, and Appreciation for your surroundings can make you a member of any community. No matter where you go, and what you do, having love in your heart will allow you to experience the world in the best possible way.