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Recommence is defining the pathway to stylish sustainability by pairing top trends with highly curated, luxury sustainable materials. Founded by Osi Shoham Ettlinger in 2019, Recommence merges fashion and eco-consciousness in a new line of ready-to-wear lifestyle basics that we all need in our wardrobe.

Our design process starts with the question: What do we want to be wearing right now? From daytime casual to an evening out with friends, Recommence’s line of luxury basics are the most versatile and trendy way to stay comfortable and stylish throughout your day. Inspired by our friend’s closets and current runway styles, every piece is created with thought and intention to fulfill a specific need in your wardrobe.

There are not nearly enough female leaders in the fashion industry, so we want to highlight our female-centric team at Recommence. From design to management to online; our team of women give Girl Power a whole new meaning.

Recommence is more than beautiful garments; it's also a movement. Building a sustainable company goes further than sourcing eco-friendly materials, although you can learn all about our amazing fabrics here. It's also about cultivating and building relationships with the people that create each and every piece of clothing. Too often the people who make our clothes are working under horrible conditions, and we would never want the people creating our pieces to be in a toxic environment. Most of our production takes place in India where we have been lucky enough to find factories who align with our mission and have strict fair labor practices.

Because of its nature, fast fashion leaves no room for higher wages or better working conditions for those creating the product. While getting a deal is great, knowing that the artisans who worked on the garment are making enough money to live on and working in safe conditions is even better. That's an assurance you can always have with every Recommence style.