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Nakamol Jewelry was founded on the principle that all women, regardless of economic status, should have the ability to wear high quality, handcrafted jewelry. Inspired by everything around her, particularly the rare beauty found in natural materials, Nakamol Sussman established her namesake line in 2000 with this important sentiment in mind.

Nakamol Sussman is a jewelry designer that started with humble beginnings. She came to Chicago to pursue her Master's Degree in 2000. Being on a limited income, and with a passion for stones and their array of unique colors and textures, Nakamol started creating jewelry as art. She began selling her jewelry store-to-store to boutiques in Chicago out of a suitcase full of samples. After a great response from her clients, her business quickly became larger than what she could handle on her own. When it came time to expand, she made it a priority to hire people that were less fortunate and/or who needed jobs to maintain dignity and respect within the her home community. Nakamol Design has become well known as a place to come for people that need a job, as many friends and family are presently employed in our production department.

In 2011 Nakamol along with her husband, Clayton, purchased and rehabbed a 12,000 sq ft. building on famous Michigan Ave. on downtown Chicago to house her wholesale offices, showroom, and retail store. Her production department has expanded into over 300 employees. Nakamol’s handcrafted jewelry line now shows in more than 2,000 boutiques, major department stores renowned retailers worldwide including Neiman Marcus,
Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Kitson, Von Maur, and South Moon Under, as well as the brand’s ecommerce site, and catalog companies worldwide.

She is gaining popularity at a tremendous rate being frequently seen on local media channels as well in prestigious magazines. Nakamol designs, produces, and details her own jewelry. Nakamol is able to offer customers an extensive collection in just about every stone under the sun as well as coordinating earrings, bracelets, and necklaces in any of our designs to suit the customer’s tastes. She is known in the industry to customize exclusive pieces for our clientele.

We are humbled and honored that Nakamol is becoming a well recognized brand name in the industry. Nakamol is more than just jewelry. It is artwork that is expressed by an artist appreciating simplicity and beauty in each of her pieces. She bases her designs on a theory of "turning simple stones into a unique design and expression. This comes from her passion to offer stylish and affordable jewelry to compliment the beauty of every woman. She does this because, in her words, “beauty shouldn’t always have to come at a high price.”

Each piece that makes up the vast Nakamol collection is designed in Chicago, where the brand is based with a sprawling showroom and flagship store, and hand-made in Sussman’s native Thailand, where she employs a large community of less-fortunate but
undeniably talented local artisans, another ideal that has become incredibly significant to the designer. The wildly diverse assortment, spanning drop earrings both large and small, bold statement necklaces and the brand’s signature wrap bracelets, among others, is constructed of luxurious materials including supple leathers, freshwater pearls, rich
silks and hand-sourced natural stones.

Driven by the distinct splendor found in nature, art and the magic of vibrant color, Nakamol continuously re-invents the classic accessory through a rare combination of exclusive design, innovative technique and exceptional components. In addition to introducing full collections each season, Sussman pushes herself to create consistently throughout the year, sharing new pieces with her loyal customers on a monthly basis.

Though much of the brand’s complex jewelry exudes extravagance, as jewelry should, Nakamol ensures it always remains accessible to all, and can be worn with ease, day to night. The majority of the collection remarkably retails under $100 and every design is available in an extensive array of colors. Specializing in ornate metalwork and unique stone combinations, she considers each piece a work of art that deserves equal attention to quality and detail.

Celebrities and media alike have flocked to the young brand, which has been featured in leading publications such as Lucky, Glamour and Brides, showcased on fashion-driven shows including ABC’s Nashville and is a favorite of Rachael Ray, Hayden Panettiere and Lady Gaga, to name a few. Yet none of the success experienced so far goes without notice by the modest designer.

“I feel fortunate and humbled by the people around the world who love my line. Thank you for your love, support; friendship. Dare to be beautiful.” – NakamolSussman