KAC Studios

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I have always had a love of design. That love has permeated my fine art and sculpture but also influenced the products I buy for my own daily use and lifestyle. I like things that are visually pleasing but that also have a functional component to them. When I started exploring ceramics I would make things for my own use that I could display but also use in a practical way. I believe the more we appreciate the visual and functional aspect of something the more it becomes something we keep forever. When friends and family would ask if I could make more of my work for them I decided to see if there was a broader market for my work.

I strive to design and create one of a kind functional art and home décor that everyone will want to keep as they would a piece of art. My handmade objects incorporate art, design and function. Handcrafted with quality and sustainability in mind. All made products are made in small production runs to control quality and consistency. I strive to keep our home goods durable functional and the collection special and unique.

I also collaborate with other local studios teaching workshops on pottery techniques I have learned.

KAC Studios is located in the downtown LA Arts. District.

"I hope you enjoy viewing my work".