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Steffi McTigue, the owner of CoFi, has always had an eye for fashion. Able to identify trends in the industry, Steffi likes to push boundaries to create unique accessories that add flair and function to an already chic outfit.

Steffi’s father, Clive, has been in the leather business for over 45 years. He actively shares his extensive knowledge of leather manufacturing and product construction with Steffi to ensure that the CoFi brand not only represents style and individuality but also upholds the highest quality.

CoFi manufactures fashion leather products that are impeccably made. Wholesale customers select from our unique fashion leathers to create an individualized line of CoFi handbags, shoes, and/or boots that appeal to their clientele. We use Italian transfer foils to create our printed leathers.

At CoFi, we provide honesty, reliability, and warmth to our customers. We believe in creating a brand that allows women to express their individuality, confidence, and attitude through unique, stylish accessories.