Ark Made

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We are a women owned company based out of beautiful Santa Fe, NM. We are a sister company of the ark bookstore, which has been Santa Fe’s metaphysical wonderland for nearly 40 years. For decades, people have come to The Ark in search for tools and community to help them on their spiritual journey. In 2015, we started making products for The Ark. These sacred treasures were in such high demand that we decided to expand; and thus Ark Made was born.

We strive to be thoughtful and believe in supporting family-owned businesses. All of our herbs are sustainably sourced and are wrapped by Indigenous families in Canada, Wyoming, Arizona, and California. Our Palo Santo is sustainably farmed and harvested by a Peruvian father-son company. Our crystals are mined by family run businesses from all over the world. We have had a strong relationship with most of our importers for more than 30 years.

All of our aromatherapy mists, bath salts, and natural perfumes contain no additives, irritants, or chemicals


We hope that these treasures find a special place in your life and of those you love!